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Assembly   -   Mail Handling   -   Meat Packing   -   Manufacturing   -   Automotive Finishing   -   Roofing Repair   -   Produce Handling   -   And more!

Although Bantex was originally designed as a convenient bandage, its industrial applications are countless. Mail sorters, technicians, and workers who deal with small parts use Bantex to prevent cuts and scrapes on their knuckles, fingertips, and hands.

Automotive workers use Bantex to prevent sandpaper from chafing and scraping skin when detailing cars. Foodservice employees protect hands from hot plates and food with Bantex, and meat processing workers use it to prevent potentially harmful cuts.

Whenever finger and hand protection is needed, Bantex offers a convenient, effective solution.


First Aid Kits   -   Emergency Bandages   -   Ankle/Wrist Supports   -   Splint Wraps   -   Veterinary Work   -   And more!

Bantex gauze is used by doctors and vets as protection for cuts, burns, sprains, and other injuries. Many trainers also use Bantex for ankle and wrist supports. Bantex is effective and easy to use for anyone and is safer than stretchy elastic gauze.

Bantex may be sterilized and is often used as an emergency bandage; it is non-toxic and will not cause dermatitis or leave a sticky residue. Unlike adhesive tape, it "sticks" to itself, not skin, hair, or clothing. Removal is painless and healing tissues are unharmed.

Because it uses no sticky adhesives, Bantex allows patients to bathe, swim, or work in water without loosening the wrapping.